Friday, 4 December 2009

Bradford route - Day 5 - Cambridge to Walthamstow

We started today with yet more cake (we're not complaining!) this time provided by local members of WDM outside the Corpus Clock (a giant time-eating insect, outside Corpus Christie).

Mary was interviewed by 2 radio stations, and then we set off out of Cambridge. Fabiola, who had put us up at a church for the night, rode with us today, and we had gorgeous weather. We stopped in Ware, and ate some legendary award winning chips, which we thought were good, but not particularly outstanding. We then took the tow path along the River Lea, which was a dramatically different experience to what followed - the hellish traffic of London town. We met up with some people from a community food project at Hawkwood on the edge of Epping Forest, and some of them led us into Walthamstow.

The day didn't pass without its mishaps. There were several punctures, Heather damaged her handlebars riding into a bollard and Sam took a minor tumble in the traffic, having made the schoolboy error of not quite separating foot from pedal. But apart from these minor incidents, it was a good day, rounded off by lush curry and chocolate cake at the Hornbeam Centre. And what a great feeling of achievement to all have made it to The Hornbeam Centre, which 4 days ago was >200 miles away!

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